5 Simple Ways To Keep Your Household Carpets Stain-Free

You might make your guests take off their shoes upon entering your home and forbid your family from eating outside of the kitchen or dining room, but stains can still mar your otherwise pristine carpeting. Spills are going to happen, but you don't have to be left with permanent stains if you have approach carpet cleaning and protection sensibly. Try out these five easy ways to protect your carpeting that stays free of stains.

1. Take The Time To Vacuum Your Carpeting Thoroughly

It will be easier to clean your carpet when there are no crumbs or dirt embedded in it. In fact, if there is a significant amount of dirt in your carpeting it can become stained if it becomes damp. Always vacuum your carpets at least once per week so that you are not left with a difficult cleaning situation if a spill occurs.

2. Get Your Carpet Cleaned Professionally Regularly

Having your carpets treated and steam cleaned by professionals will leave you with rugs that are sparkling clean. Old stains can be treated and a carpet protection solution can be applied so that future stains are less likely to set in. Professional carpet cleaning, like from Conscientious Carpet Care, should be performed every few months so that they stay looking clean and new.

3. Soak Up Spills Prior To Spot Treating

Before you start spraying and scrubbing carpeting that has become stained, always try to soak up any excess liquid that is present. This will keep the stain from spreading and make carpet cleaning easier to perform. Most times, cleaning up the excess liquid that has gotten on your carpet will reveal that the stain is less prominent than you first assumed it was. If spot treating doesn't work, contact your preferred professional carpet cleaning company and see what can be done.

4. Use Natural Carpet Cleaning Solvents Before Using Chemical

Baking soda, vinegar and even plain water all work well to break down stains in most types of carpets. Natural carpet cleaning mixtures are less harsh carpet fibers, so you always want to attempt using household ingredients before resorting to chemical solutions.

5. Treat Carpet Stains Multiple Times

If you notice and treat spills on your carpets right away, the staining is always going to be less severe. Now, you can't assume that all stains are going to be cleaned away just because you have treated them immediately but it will help them to become much more faded. Try cleaning the same spots several times before you call a professional carpet cleaning service as you may simply need to apply a smidgen more elbow grease to resolve carpet stains.

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