Four Steps Towards Clean Floors This Summer

Summertime can be a difficult time for the floors in your home. Pollen easily gets tracked into your home and your kids and pets spend a lot more time outside and bring in a lot more dirt and particles as a result. Here are three things you can do to make your floors shine this summer.

#1 Invest In A Welcome Mat

One of the simplest ways to keep your floor clean is by investing in a welcome mat for all of the entrances into your home. A nice, thick course mat right outside your door will help wipe off both your pet's feet and people's shoes before they enter your home. This will reduce the amount of dirt that is tracked into your home in the first place.

#2 Have An Established Area For Taking Off Shoes

Second, once you step inside your house, have an established area for taking off shoes. Put down a carpet that is specifically designed for people to remove their shoes on and then step onto the surrounding open floor with their bare feet.

To make this area more inviting, set up a shoe rack for the shoes and a coat rack or hanger so that everyone has a place to put their coats, purses, backpacks, and other things down as they enter the house and take off their shoes. If you have younger or elderly individuals in your home, you may want a shoe rack with a bench that they can sit at to remove their shoes.

Setting up an established area to take off shoes and making a place for everyone's stuff will help reduce the dirt that makes it into your home and should also help keep your home organized.

#3 Lightly Clean Each Day

To keep your floors clean, you should lightly clean all high-traffic areas in your house. These areas can change from house to house, but generally include the living room, kitchen and walkways to the bedrooms and bathrooms. Quickly vacuuming these areas everyday will prevent pollen and dust from spreading to the rest of your home. You don't have to spend a long time vacuuming or do a perfect job, just a quick once over will get it done.

If you have hardwood floors, vinyl floors or another solid surface floor, run a dry mop type device over the floors once a day to clean them up.

#4 Deep Clean Once A Week

Once a week you should deep clean your floors. Vacuum back and forth and be sure you cover your entire home. Use that attachment to suck up dust in the area between the walls and the flooring. Move any light weight furniture and items off the floor and clean underneath them. Move heavy weight items and clean underneath them about once a month.

For your non-carpeted areas, use a mop on them and be sure to get under any cupboards and under any furniture in those rooms as well.

Putting rugs outside of your entrance ways, establishing an area to take shoes off, lightly cleaning high-traffic areas daily and deep cleaning your floors once a week will help keep your floors shiny and clean this summer and keep your home free of pollen and dirt. 

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