How To Choose Between The Big Choices For Your Industrial Pressure Washer

If you need to purchase an industrial pressure washer for your business from a place like A Blast to the Past , there are going to be a few big decisions that you need to make. You are going to have to decide between hot and cold water pressure washers and gas or electric powered pressure washers. Here is what you need to know about these different options and how it will affect the usability of your pressure washer.

#1 Cold Water

If you plan on using your pressure washer to remove dirt from surfaces, the best type of pressure washer to purchase is a cold water pressure washer. You don't need hot water to clean off your sidewalk or get the dirt off the siding on your business.

Also, many pressure washer accessories that are used for cleaning purposes, such as a rotating brush or a higher-pressure nozzle, are specifically designed to work with cold water pressure washers.

#2 Hot Water

Hot water pressure washers are necessary if you need to clean areas that regularly have either grease or oil on them. For example, if you own an auto repair business or run a kitchen, both of these are business set-ups where you would need a hot water pressure washer in order to clean up your space and get rid of oil and grease.

#3 Gas Powered

You can also vary the way that you get provide fuel to your pressure washer. Gas-powered pressure washers work best if you intend to primarily use your pressure washer outside, as gas-powered pressure washer require proper ventilation for the fumes that they create.

Gas-powered pressure washers are also generally really powerful. If you need a lot of power and high pressure, a gas powered pressure washer is the right choice.

The one downside to gas-powered pressure washers is that you do have to keep a supply of gas on hand. That means filling up and storing a gas can on your business premises.

#3 Electric Powered

Electric-powered pressure washers work best if you need to use your pressure washer inside. An electric-powered pressure washer does not have the same ventilation needs that a gas-powered pressure washer does. It is also safer for cleaning up kitchens and industrial food areas as no fumes are released into the air.

A big benefit of electric-powered pressure washers is that you don't have to get and store gas on your business premises; all you need to do to power up your pressure washer is simply plug it in. However, most electrical-powered pressure washers do not reach as high psi as gas-powered pressure washers.

Think carefully about the type of cleaning you need to do with your pressure washer, as well as what type of fuel you want to deal with, before purchasing a pressure washer for your business. 

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