How To Clean Ash Stains From Carpet

If you live with a smoker or smoke yourself, you will likely find a cigarette ash stain on your carpet from a tipped ashtray or spilling. Ash stains can be noticeable especially on a light carpet, as well as the smell.

Removing ash stains from the carpet may seem challenging, but the secret is to remove it immediately. This step-by-step guide will show you how to remove the ash stains.

Prepare to Remove the Ash Stain

To clean the stain, gather:

  • white paper towels
  • white cloths
  • spoon or butter knife
  • white bath towel 
  • white vinegar
  • liquid dish soap 
  • powder substance (baking powder, cornmeal)
  • dry cleaning solvent 

Read the carpet label to determine suitable cleaning methods. Test all cleaners on a hidden area of carpet to check the carpet's color reaction. If you can't clean the stain immediately, set a bucket or table leg over the spot to keep it from getting stepped in, which grinds the stain further into the fibers.

Absorb the Stain

Use a spoon or butter knife to gently scrape dry debris. Attach a suction tube to the vacuum, and vacuum the spot to remove debris. Avoid using roller or beater attachments, since they may push the ashes into the carpet. If the spot has excess liquid, blot it with a white terrycloth towel.

Sprinkle a powdered substance such as baking powder baking soda, cornmeal, or baby powder. Let it stand two to three hours to loosen embedded ashes, then vacuum.

Moisten a cloth or paper towel with the dry cleaning solvent, let it stand several minutes, then blot. Don't get the spot too wet, or sprinkle solvent directly on the carpet. Use a fresh damp cloth or paper towel to rinse. Repeat the method again to remove the entire stain, if needed. 

Apply Vinegar or Dish Soap 

If the powdered substance didn't get rid of the stain, try vinegar and dish soap. Combine several drops of liquid dish soap in a cup of warm water, and dampen a paper towel or rag in the solution. 

Apply the mixture to the spot, and let it stand several minutes, then blot. Moisten a clean cloth with cool water to rinse, and let the spot dry, or press it with a towel to speed drying. Never skip rinsing, since dried dish soap can attract more dirt.

If the stain is still present in several hours, or the area turns brownish, mix one part of white vinegar in tow parts of water, and blot and rinse the stain again. The vinegar smell should disappear as the carpet dries.

Contact a service, like Jolly Carpet Cleaning, for more help.

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