How To Clean Permanent Ink From Tile

Permanent markers, as the name implies, have  dyes that stick to surfaces, once you write on them  This is great for the surfaces you want to use them on, but you don't want to find it on your tiles.

Permanent ink stains distract from the look, much like splattered paint mars pretty artwork. Luckily, you should be able to clean the marker following these tips.

Apply Toothpaste 

To remove the marker stain, gather:

  • cloth or paper towels
  • bucket
  • hairspray
  • stir stick or wood spoon
  • white toothpaste
  • old toothbrush
  • acetone
  • white vinegar 
  • dry erase marker
  • rubbing alcohol
  • washing soda
  • mild detergent
  • tile cleaner

Test all products on a hidden area of the tile to check color reaction. Some tile types may not react well to soap, since it could leave a white film, so check with your tile manufacturer for specific instructions.

Squeeze some toothpaste over the area, dip a cloth in cool water, and rub the toothpaste on the spot. Use a toothbrush moistened with cool water to rub it on textured tiles.

Let the toothpaste stand one to two minutes. If the stain has been there overnight, you will need to let the toothpaste stand around five minutes. 

The bleach in toothpaste should help fade the marker. If you find residue, dip a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol, and dab it on the spot. Follow up any method to remove the stain by cleaning the tiles using a cleaner formulated for your type of tiles.

Try Hairspray or Acetone

 If the toothpaste fails, mist the spot with hairspray, and let it stand several minutes. Wipe it from the surface with a clean cloth or paper towel.

For light-colored tiles, acetone may work, but use it as a last resort. Dab some acetone on a paper towel or cloth, and work it into the stain.

Use  a Dry Erase Marker or Vinegar Soap Solution

When all solutions fail, try  a dry erase marker or  a vinegar solution. Make a vinegar solution from one-quarter cup of vinegar, a quarter cup of washing soda, and a tablespoon of dish soap in a gallon of warm water. Dip a cloth or paper towel in the mixture, and rub the area until the stain vanishes. 

Dry erase markers work best on smooth tiles. Buy a black dry erase marker from a craft store or home improvement center. 

Trace a small section of the stain with the marker, then work up to larger sections. Use a cloth or paper towel to clean the dry erase marker. If none of these methods work to remove the stain, contact a tile cleaning service.

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