Terrifying But True Tales Of Things In Air Ducts: Are They In Yours?

When performing an air duct cleaning, there are any manner of the bizarre, gross, and terrifying things stuck in your air ducts. When your HVAC technician pulls this stuff out of your air ducts, it is enough to curl your hair. Here are just a few of the many things your technician may suck out of the ducts.

Dead Rodents

Yes, dead rodents in air vents are actually quite common. Rodents use the ducts as a sort of rodent highway, rambling through them to get from one part of your house to another. When they die, they are often in the vents. If you set out mouse and rat bait poison, they definitely die in the vents. If the technician finds more than one dead rodent, you might want to call pest control next.

Bits and Pieces of Insects

Along with dead rodents, there is an endless supply of dead insects and insect parts. What the rats and mice did not consume in the vents, the spiders did. Drained carcasses of insects end up falling apart and leaving behind just the husks, which spiders are unable to consume. Because your forced air system cannot blow these bits and pieces out through your vents, the bits and pieces just move around in the vents until they find their way down to the furnace.

Spiders and Plenty of Cobwebs

Cobwebs are what is left of a spider after it dies and leaves its web behind. The sticky webs collect dust, quickly becoming the dusty, creepy cobwebs you recognize. If you look closely, you might still see the husk of the spider that dwelt in the web.

Mats of Hair

Years and years of hair that falls from human heads and gets sucked into the cold air exchange vents collects together in piles. If you have pets, the human hair is joined by a pile of pet hair. This is bigger than your average dust bunny, to be sure. All you would need is a little static electricity and you can actually watch these fur/hair mats spring to life.

UFOs (Unidentified Furnace Objects)

Stuff that flies upward from the furnace into the vents sometimes loses its original appearance. Over time, you have no idea what this stuff is. It is all unidentified furnace objects, or UFOs, and they have to go so that you can breathe easier at night.

If you have more questions about getting your air ducts cleaned, contact companies like Smith-Mathis.

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