Medical Office Cleaning Tips

Cleanliness in a medical clinical is crucial. Not only do your patients expect to be treated in a clean environment, but maintaining a clean environment is critical to their health and safety. As with all other processes and practices within your clinic, creating a clean environment starts from the top. Your team of health care professionals must do their part to keep the office clean. Learn what practices you can implement to work toward this goal.

Patient Room Turnover

Implement a patient room turnover process that you will complete after every patient is treated. The process is not one that should be completed only at the end of the day or just a few times during the day. The reason regular turnovers are so critical is that the process keeps the patient rooms relatively clean throughout the day. 

For example, cleaning up the room after just one patient has been in the room is an easier and faster process than cleaning up after several patients have been in the room. 

Supply Stocking

Ensure you keep every patient room in your clinic fully stocked at all times. Every room should have a bacteria-targeting cleaning solution, gloves, cloths, and extra waste-collection bags. Keeping the room stocked with supplies is essential to the turnover process because a team member is more likely to clean the room properly when they have access to everything they need right inside the room. 

For example, if there weren't any extra waste bags in the room and the trash needed to be emptied, an employee that it's in a rush might not take the time to walk to a supply closet to get an extra bag and then return to the room to switch it out.

Bathroom Inspection

Make sure the bathrooms are on your medical office cleaning list. The bathrooms of the office are somewhat of the face of your clinic. If patients routinely see poorly kept bathrooms, they may also assume that your medical services are on the same level. 

To stay on top of the bathroom, create a schedule by which the administrative staff of the office will inspect the condition of the bathrooms throughout the day. Keeping the bathrooms clean in a medical office isn't just important in terms of aesthetics, but the bathroom is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria that can target your health care team and your patients. 

While the efforts of your team can go a long way, you should pair your efforts with those of a professional cleaning service. A janitorial company, such as Janitorial Services Atlanta, can perform regular deep-cleaning services to keep your office clean and safe at all times. 

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