Tired Of Managing Your Business' Janitorial Staff? Here Are 3 Reasons To Switch To An Office Cleaning Service

While keeping a clean office is important in order to improve employee morale and make it attractive to clients, some businesses find that managing their own in-house janitorial services is a headache. This is especially true of smaller offices, who may need only one or two janitors on staff. There's additional HR overhead to manage your janitorial employees and you run the risk of your staff calling out sick and leaving your office a mess. To simplify office management, you may want to consider using an office cleaning service rather than employing your own cleaning staff. Below are three good reasons to do so.

1. No Need to Hire Your Own Cleaning Staff or Keep Them on Payroll

A major downside of having your own in-house janitorial staff is that your office is personally responsible for hiring and payroll. You'll need to account for payroll taxes along with insurance. For many companies, spending time managing janitorial staff can be an unnecessary hassle — while janitorial staff serve an important role in keeping your office clean for your employees and presentable to your clients, they don't directly aid in your business' day-to-day workflow.

Hiring an outside office cleaning service allows you to eliminate the headache of hiring and maintaining your own janitorial staff. They're responsible for hiring janitors, performing background checks on them and training them. These services also provide all the necessary equipment and materials needed for cleaning, so you don't have to worry about trying to fit these into your office budget. Overall, the simplicity of using an outside office cleaning service instead of having your own in-house janitorial staff makes managing your employees easier.

2. Additional Flexibility Makes Your Cleaning Needs Easier to Budget

If your office needs to reduce its cleaning budget, you may be faced with some difficult decisions if you use in-house janitorial staff. You may be forced to fire a member of your staff in order to save money. If your cleaning needs change in the future, you'll need to go through the entire hiring process again and spend time training a new janitor.

When your cleaning needs change and you're using an office cleaning service, you only need to adjust the level of service you're receiving from the company. For example, you can easily reduce the numbers of hours that they spend cleaning your office space or temporarily request they reduce the size of the team they send to your office in order to reduce the cost of your service. The flexibility of using an outside office cleaning service allows it to easily fit into your office management budget.

3. Increased Reliability Over In-House Janitorial Staff

What happens to your office if members of your janitorial staff call out sick? Trash may start piling up or other employees may be forced into taking on cleaning tasks that are not part of their job description — this can definitely affect employee morale and hamper your business' workflow until your janitorial staff returns to work.

Most office cleaning services offer floating employees, who can take over the duties of the usual staff sent to your office whenever one of them calls out sick. This makes office cleaning services much more reliable than having your own in-house janitorial staff, as you don't have to worry about janitors calling out of work or taking sick days.

Finally, the best reason to use an outside office cleaning service is cost. Since these services are able to take advantage of bulk purchasing and have a streamlined hiring process that makes cleaning staff easier to manage, you will typically find that you will pay less overall to keep your office clean when you hire an outside cleaning service instead of having your own janitorial staff on your payroll. To find out, contact a local office cleaning service and ask about what services they provide and their pricing.

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