Cleaning Tips to Get Your Home Market-Ready

Selling your home is a task in that requires you to prepare your home properly and list it for the right price so you can sell it as soon as possible for the highest amount. One part of the preparation needs to be in cleaning and improving your home's appearance. Here are some tips to help you clean your home to get it ready for its sale on the home market.

Clean or Replace Carpets

Home carpeting can receive a lot of wear and tear in addition to stains and dirt that build up over time. In addition to its appearance, your home's carpeting can absorb odors inside your home from cooking, pets, and everyday life and can make your home smell older and dirtier than it really is. As a homeowner, you get accustomed to any bad odors present inside your home, so you won't realize they are there making a negative impression on any buyers who visit your home.

Before you list your home for sale, make sure you have your carpets professionally cleaned by a carpet cleaning service. They can use their professional stain treatments to remove difficult stains and spots left over from pets. Any bad smells that have embedded in your carpeting can be handled by your carpet cleaning professional. They will clean and deodorize your carpets to make them smell fresh again. Then, once the dirt and odors have been removed, you can talk to your carpet cleaner about neutralizing your home's odors with an ozone generator if the problem persists.

Deep Clean the Bathroom

Before you list your home for sale, be sure you also clean the bathroom, which is a well-used and moist area that has a high potential for mold and mildew growth. When your home's bathroom is sparkling clean and smelling great, it can leave a positive impression on any potential buyers.

Clean your bathtub or shower stall, including any tiles within the area and on the floor. Take care that you focus on cleaning the grout lines in the bathroom, especially on the floor where heavy traffic can leave dirt stains in the porous grout. Use a grout cleaner and a Dremel brush to scrub each grout line to remove stains. You can also talk to your carpeting cleaning professional about cleaning your grout to remove the buildup of dirt.

Because tile grout is porous, you should seal it with a grout sealant once you have cleaned it. This will protect your grout, especially white grout, from attracting further stains and will make your home stand out from any others on the market in your area. Call a professional today, such as Arnold's Advanced Carpet Cleaning, for more tips on preparing your home.

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