Do You Love The Hardwood Floors In Your Older Home? 3 Benefits Of Using A Professional Floor Cleaning Service

Hardwood floors are beautiful, and there is something special about flooring that has been preserved for many years. Over time, older hardwood floors go through an aging process that creates a soft and cozy smoothness across the top that you can't get new out of a box. While you may love the look of wood flooring, you do need to be careful about how you clean them. Many modern cleaning solutions and mops are not only ineffective, but they can also cause damage such as deep scratches that mars the surface of the planks. Arranging for a professional floor cleaning regularly allows you to enjoy these benefits that make keeping hardwood floors in your home easier.

Preserve the Beauty of the Flooring

Many older wood floors have an unsound finish. This means that water can seep into the pores of the wood, which limits the cleaning methods that can be used. Even with sound finishes, you will still need to be careful to damaging the surface. One of the first things that floor cleaning professionals do is check to see what type of wood is used for the flooring along with the finish that is used. They can then develop a cleaning strategy that preserves the beauty of the floor while also lifting off all of the contaminants.

Clean Hard-to-Reach Areas

You should continue to sweep and dust mop the floor regularly to keep the surface dirt up. However, wood floors tend to have small cracks and crevices that are impossible for you to clean on your own. There may also be areas of your floor that require you to get on your hands and knees to clean such as beneath the cabinet eaves and in the corners. Having the pros come out and handle this task saves you a lot of time and elbow grease.

Remove Common Household Allergens

One of the biggest benefits of hardwood floors is that they collect less allergens compared to carpet. However, you still need to be aware that all of that dirt that collects in the nooks and crannies of the floor harbors things such as mold spores, pollen and bacteria that can make your family sneeze. Regular floor maintenance removes these allergens so that you can enjoy stepping into a house with gorgeous floors and better air quality. Depending upon the type of wood floor that you have, steam cleaning may be an option that also helps to further reduce the germs in your home.

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