Moving Out Of A Rental? You Need Relocation Cleaning Services

When the average person moves out of a rental property, they often have a very important thing on their mind — getting their deposit back. How successful a person is at achieving this goal is dependent on the condition in which they leave the property when they move out. Professional relocation cleaning services can help you leave the property in tiptop shape and stress less about getting your deposit returned.

Relocation Cleaning

Relocation cleaning is a very in-depth service. As part of the service, a professional cleaning team will perform basic services, including vacuuming, mopping, and dusting. However, they will also perform more in-depth cleaning services, such as baseboard cleaning, vent cleaning, and cabinet cleaning for the kitchen and bathrooms. The goal is to ensure that every surface is clean and that the property is returned to the same condition it was at move-in. 

Scheduling Services

It is important to schedule the service at the right time. Although it might seem tempting to schedule the service early, it is best to schedule the service for a date that is after the time in which you are certain you have removed every box and piece of furniture from the property. Scheduling in this fashion allows the cleaning team to easily access every area of the home and minimizes the risk of you dirtying up any surface that has already been cleaned.

Cleaning Verification

A professional relocation cleaning company will also provide you with a receipt at the completion of their services. This step is especially important if the owner of the property has instructed you to have the property professionally cleaned upon move out, on the lease. The receipt will serve as cleaning verification and can help you get your deposit returned to you, in full, and with less hassle. 

Extra Walkthrough

A sometimes-overlooked benefit that this service affords is an extra walkthrough. When packing a home, it is easy to forget an item or two in the closet or in the back of a kitchen cabinet. The owner of the property may or may not return these items to you, as they might not even discover them. Since relocation cleaning involves an in-depth cleaning process, one of the cleaning team professionals is more likely to catch any items you might have left behind.

Relocation cleaning can provide you with a number of benefits that can help save you time, money, and stress. Make sure you schedule a service for your move. 

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