3 Things To Think About When Choosing A Floor-Cleaning Solution

Clean, shiny floors are the hallmark of cleanliness. However, if you are like many homeowners, you might wonder if the cleaner you are considering in the store will work well for you at home. Here are three things to think about when choosing a floor-cleaning solution, and why the details matter in the long run. 

1. Your Floor Type

Every floor-cleaning solution is designed to tidy up a different surface. While some cleaners are promoted as all-purpose solutions, it is always a better idea to invest in a floor cleaner that is made specifically for the type of flooring you have in your home.

You can find cleaning solutions designed for tile, laminate, hardwood, and even vinyl planks. While some bottles have the types of floors they work for listed on the front of the bottle, others list which floors are acceptable on the backside of the container. 

2. Sanitation

All of those bottles might look similar, but if you aren't careful, you could pick up a bottle of cleaner that doesn't provide any disinfecting power at all. Some cleaners are simply designed with water, scent, and a slight amount of soap, creating a pleasant smell, but not actually creating the kind of cleaning you need. 

If you are concerned about germs and odors, choose a floor cleaning solution that is made to eradicate germs such as salmonella and influenza. Check the label to see which active ingredients the product carries, and avoid products that don't offer the kind of protection you are after. 

3. Scent

Scent is highly important, especially if you are trying to create a warm, open ambiance in your home. Before you purchase a cleaning product, smell it carefully to see if it would work with the ambiance you are trying to create. To smell something safely, open the bottle and wave your hand gently over the top. This action allows you to smell the product without inhaling a large amount of vapor. 

Think about the kinds of scents you like for your home, and choose one that smells like it would mesh well with other items in your house. For instance, if you love the smell of citrus and you have a dwarf lemon tree in your sunroom, a bright, lemon scent would blend right in. 

When you choose a cleaner to try out at home, make sure to test a small patch of your flooring to make sure it doesn't cause discoloration or dullness. By taking the right steps to make sure flooring is safe and healthy, you can prevent problems. Look in stores to see what floor-cleaning solutions are available. 

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