Your Health Depends On It: Clean Carpets

Everyone will admit to caring about their health but few connect that important task with their flooring. Dirty carpets are more than just unattractive. Read on to find out about the health and cleanliness factor and how to ensure you and your family are not negatively affected by soiled carpets.

Of Course, You Vacuum

Whether you do it yourself, hire help, or use a robot vacuum, your carpets probably get vacuumed on a regular basis. It would be a mistake, though, to assume that much is being done with that action. In most cases, vacuuming does little to remove the soil and other contaminants that can affect your health. Most residential vacuum cleaners, regardless of how expensive it might have been, are not made to affect more than surface dirt tracked in or crumbs dropped by family members. Left behind by most vacuums are pet dander, insect pieces, and tamped down dust particles that cling to the surface beneath the pile. Unfortunately, it gets worse, as vacuuming might send those tiny contaminants flying about and wreaking havoc on your otherwise clean environment.

What Lurks There?

Give the opportunity to closely examine the microscopic particles that lurk in your carpet, you would be shocked. They may be too small to be viewed, but most carpeting contains food particles, feces, bug parts, plant matter, and more. Unfortunately, many carpets and the padding beneath also have mold growths due to past moisture issues. Just because the carpet feels dry, doesn't mean that mold is not going to grow and flourish in the moist, warm environment. Another common inhabitant of carpet is dust mites. These little beasts are often the culprit for indoor allergies and they can only be removed with the extremely high-temperature liquids that professionals use.

How Not to Clean Your Carpet

In an effort to save money, some might run down to the grocery, pharmacy, or big box store and rent a heavy and bulky so-called professional carpet cleaning machine. While using a large and loud machine might seem like a good idea, it's not. These machines are not as strong as those that professionals use and that results in two major problems. They are not able to remove the moisture enough to prevent mold growth and the solutions they use don't remove the contaminants from the carpet. A professional carpet cleaner uses machines that have the suction power necessary to pull all the wetness from the carpets. That prevents mold and ensures that all contaminants are suctioned up with the cleaning solution.

Do yourself and your family a favor and call a professional carpet cleaner today. Once done, you can rest assured that your home is as clean and healthy as a home should be. Contact a carpet cleaning service like Conscientious Carpet Care for more information. 

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