Cats Damage Stair Carpet? 2 Tips To Get The Carpet Looking New Again

Cats are great pets, but they can do a lot of damage to a home. This is because they love to pick at stuff with their claws, including fabric furniture and carpeting. If your cats have picked at the carpet on your stairs and you are seeing a lot of damage, there are different ways you can get the carpet looking new again.

Use Carpet Tape

If the damage is at a seam on the carpeting on your stairs you can use tape to repair it. This happens when a cat constantly pulls on the carpet in the same area. There are some specific tapes that can be used to fix this issue. You can purchase this at home improvement stores but make sure it is made for carpeting. Some have glue that you heat activate on the back of the tape. 

The tape that you purchase will come with complete instructions on how to use it. In most cases, you will place the tape under the seam and then use a special tool to heat the glue that is on the tape, which will make it stick. When finished the tape will be completely hidden. You will need to fluff the carpet fibers when you are finished. You can use this by using a carpet brush. 

Hire a Professional

If a lot of carpeting on your stairs is frayed or has a lot of rips, you should consider hiring a professional carpet stair repair service. This is because it would be very difficult for you to repair all of it and have the carpet look good when you finish.

The carpet stair repair service will inspect the carpeting to see if it can be repaired or if you should simply replace the carpeting. They will do their best to do repairs. If there are rips in the seams, they can use professional products, such as a much stronger tape and professional glue. This will ensure the tape sticks and you will never have to worry about it coming up. If the carpet is frayed in different areas, the carpet repair service may use special brushes to make the carpet look new again.

Once you get your carpet repaired or replaced, you then need to keep your cats away from your stairs. You can do this by purchasing a cat tree for your cat to have a place to scratch. If you see them go to the stairs reprimand them each time. This will take time, but your cats will eventually stop ruining your carpet.  

Contact a carpet repair service for more information. 

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