3 Ways That Pressure Washing Service Can Benefit Your Rental Property

A rental property can provide a reliable source of income, especially when you take excellent care of the place. Investing in routine maintenance and being prompt with repairs are a couple of things you can do to satisfy your tenants or even exceed their expectations. Another smart move is getting residential pressure washing services to benefit your rental property in several ways.

Listing Photos

Whether you print out rental listings or create them online, you want to provide photos to help potential tenants learn more about the property. A spotless property has the best chance of making a great impression, and pressure washing can provide you with impressive cleanliness.

If you have owned and managed your rental property for a while, you may already have listing photos that you are using. Soon after a pressure washing service is a perfect time to capture new photos by using a high-end camera or hiring a photographer to capture photos and videos.


All properties will sustain wear and tear over weeks, months, and years. However, you can keep an eye on the property that you live in, making it easier to invest in cleaning when needed. If a tenant lives in your rental for several years, you may notice extensive dirt and grime buildup.

A pressure washing service is what you need to remove all this buildup. Getting rid of mildew will make the property safer and show tenants that you care about the property. You can even include that you plan to do annual pressure washing in the lease agreement. This will allow you to maintain a clean property without having to worry about the excessive buildup.

Investing in this kind of service can bring relief to tenants because they will not feel as responsible for keeping exterior features spotless. Getting routine pressure washing service while the rental is occupied may encourage tenants to stay in the rental for the long term.


When a tenant moves out of your rental, you may want to quickly get the place ready for renting. In some cases, you may need to clean the property in less than 24 hours because a new tenant may be moving in the following day. Hiring pressure washers is wise because they can come over after the tenant leaves and handle all exterior cleaning in a single day.

Investing in your rental property through pressure washing services will provide many benefits.

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