Have Respiratory Issues You Suspect Are Related To Air Quality In The Home? Get Your Ducts Cleaned Today

If you feel like the air quality in your home is poor, and that you always have a cold, sinus issues, or respiratory concerns, it may be time to have the ducts in your house cleaned properly by a professional. The HVAC experts that clean ducts daily will come to your home and do these things:

  • Use a camera system to look through the ducts and evaluate the services needed
  • Remove all debris from the interior of the ducts
  • Sanitize the ductwork

Here are some of the things that could be causing the low air quality in your home and making you or your family feel ill or sick.

Mold Inhalation 

The duct system will transport cold and hot air. With the air around the home sometimes contrasting with the air coming from your heating and cooling appliances, you may end up with condensation. The condensation droplets may quickly cause mold to form.

Attempting to remove the mold from the ducts can be tedious and dangerous. This is a job that is best left to the professionals. Mold causes a wide variety of health complications, and this could be causing your upper respiratory struggles.

Pest Complications Inside Ductwork

Pests like insects and rodents can cause a lot of issues inside the ducts. If the pests are living inside the ductwork they could be nesting, breeding, and leaving waste throughout. This could lead to a larger infestation and cause issues with your HVAC appliances. The pest's urine or fecal matter can cause bacterial problems along with cause illness when inhaled.

Cockroaches and other insects have been proven to trigger asthma and allergies. The duct cleaning team will spot pest infestations with their cameras and help work to clean the waste left behind.

These are just some of the dangers that could be inside the ducts in the home. Pollen, dust, and other factors are reasons why you need to have ducts cleaned. The professionals will be able to do this without damaging any of your ductwork and can let you know if they see any other concerns with the actual ductwork.

The filters for your furnace and air conditioning units should be changed at the time that time ventilation system is cleaned out to help keep the air as clean as possible, and to make sure that you aren't circulating dirty air throughout the ducts and the home.

Contact home air duct cleaning services to see if this is something you should have done regularly.

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