Pet Urine Odor Removal Around Your Home

Pet urine can be sneaky. When you live in a home with pets, you may not always be there to see that they've had an accident in the house. Depending on the carpet you have, the stains might be well-camouflaged. Also, nose-blindness is a real thing. This is when the odor receptors get used to the smells you're around regularly. It explains how some people can live in a home that smells like pet urine and not know there is an issue until they return after being away for a while. When you have pets, you want to make sure you have any and all urine stains found and removed, so your home will smell fresh to everyone who enters. A carpet cleaning service can help find and get rid of pet odor stains for you. Here's more on this: 

Carpet cleaners can locate all the urine stains

The first step in the process of getting rid of urine stains is locating them. Old stains can be difficult to find, although they can still retain their pungent qualities. A carpet cleaner can come to your house with equipment that locates pet stains. This equipment includes things like a really strong UV light and a moisture probe. They'll make note of all the stain locations to ensure they're all removed. 

The cleaners will come up with a plan of action

Not all pet stains are created equal. This is why different approaches might be taken to remove the different urine stains throughout your home. Some stains may be small, surface-level stains that clean up with regular carpet cleaning. Then, there may be deeper, larger, and older stains that require more work. These stains often require pre-soaking in special solutions designed especially for urine stains. The carpet cleaner will take the necessary steps to treat and clean the urine stains around your home. Once the carpet has been properly cleaned, the house will smell much fresher. 

Cleaning urine stains can prevent more stains

Once you have the urine stains all removed from your home, it can decrease the chances of your dog urinating in those same spots again. Once the enzymes are gone, and they no longer smell them, then it will be easier for you to become successful in preventing future indoor urination. 


If you notice your home smells bad when you return from time away, or someone else mentions it to you, then you should have pet odor removal  carpet cleaners investigate. Once they map out the areas of concern, then they can come up with a good game plan and get rid of all urine stains completely.

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