How Water Damage Affects Your Leather Furniture

Many homeowners like the look and durability of leather furniture. This type of furniture usually can be cleaned with a damp cloth. However, if your sofa gets water damage, then you do not want to allow it to soak in. Read on to find out how water damage affects your leather furniture.

What Happens When Leather Dries Out?

Leather comes from animals and is held together with microscopic fibers. These fibers are lubricated from the natural oils of the animal and from oils put in during the manufacturing process. When this material gets wet, these oils come to the surface where they evaporate.

As the material dries out, it starts to weaken. This results in your leather cracking and becoming stiff. If you spill water on your leather sofa, then you do not want to allow the sofa to dry out quickly. Drying quickly causes the material to lose its oil. At this point, your leather loses its strength, becomes stiff and it is hard to repair.

What Type Of Water Damage?

Some homeowners have problems with water damage because of the type of damage. If your leather furniture is damaged by flood water, then you must worry about the minerals and contaminants in it. These contaminants leave behind an odor and damages the foam and frame inside of the furniture. They also leave behind an odor. The amount of flood damage when is something to consider when it comes to fixing water damage.

Clean On A Regular Basis

It helps to hire a cleaning company that specializes in cleaning leather furniture. You should get your entire couch clean a couples of times a year. Your cleaning company can discuss a cleaning schedule with you.

Leather is porous. It takes in oil and dirt from your skin. If you do not clean your furniture, then the dirt and oils will seep into it. This results in dark spots forming on your leather. It also helps to use cleaners that are made specially for this type of material. Cleaning your furniture regularly makes it resistant to water damage.

Your home is your place of comfort. It is important to not allow anything to disturb your household. Disturbances do not always come in human form. Natural disasters can have a major effect on your home life. If you have water damage, then it is important to get help. You must follow the right cleaning methods to restore your items.

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