Three Hot Spots To Advertise In Your Lawn Clean Up Services

As a business owner, cornering your market is the key to success. If you own a landscaping business that performs lawn maintenance and cleanup, you may have competition in your area. Once you make sure that your prices and services are competitive, you need to begin to look for possible customers. Looking for customers in the right way will either make or break your business. Here are three hot spots to advertise in to grow your landscaping business from the ground up:

Real estate agents

If a homeowner plans to move, they may entrust the upkeep of their house to a real estate agent. Whether they intend on selling the home or renting it out, they will need someone to offer landscaping service since they will not be in town to take care of the home. Advertise your services with real estate agents by going into their professional offices or networking at real estate events. If agents know that they can call you to take care of the lawn in an empty home or a home that has renters, you may find an increased and easy business. 

Homeowners Associations

If you offer professional landscaping services that include lawn mowing, tree trimming, and flower pruning, you can advertise your services with homeowners associations, or HOAs. New HOAs are best for contracts, however, any HOA may be looking for someone to take care of the lawns in their community. If the association likes your work, you may be able to negotiate a contract to take care of any empty lots in the neighborhood if there are ever homes without owners. Having a long term contract with HOAs can make up the bulk of your landscaping income.

State and city banks

All abandoned homes have owners in some form or another. Most abandoned homes are owned by the banks that may have acquired the home via foreclosure or by bidding on multiple investments in the city. Stop by the major banks in your city to speak with someone in the mortgage department. Most banks are motivated to sell abandoned homes, especially if their portfolio of abandoned houses is growing. Having someone take care of the exterior upkeep can increase the curb appeal of the home and the neighborhood itself. Most banks would find a service that can help sell homes and do the heavy lifting of value, which could lead to a lucrative landscaping contract for you.

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