Got Butter On Your Carpet? 5 Steps For Removing It

In the summer when you are enjoying some nice bread and butter or a juicy baking potatoes or some really good corn on the cob, it is easy to drop some butter on your carpet. If you get butter on your carpet, you can remove it in five easy steps.

Step #1: Scope It Up

The first thing you should do is see if you can scoop it up, especially if it was a big blob of butter. Use a knife or a spoon, and try to scoop the butter up off the carpet. Make sure that you are not pressing the butter further into the carpet as this wil make it harder to remove. Be gently and try to scope up as much of the butter as you can.

Step #2: Absorb Up The Butter

Once you have scooped up as much butter as you can, get out a paper towel and try to absorb up the rest of the butter on the carpet. Use the paper towel to gently dab at the carpet and lift the butter up off the carpet. Once again, be careful not to grind the butter into the carpet strands, but just dab, move the paper towel around and dab again, removing as much butter as you can.

Step #3: Soap It Up

Now it is time to soap it up to ensure that you got all the butter off the area. Put a small tiny little dab of dish soap on the carpet, about the size of an eraser on a pencil, and then lightly scrub the area with a wet, damp clean rag. The soap and rag should pick up any of the butter that is left behind and lift it away. Dish soap works best for this task, but if you are out, you can try hand soap instead.

Step #4: Remove The Moisture

Next, try to remove the moisture that was left behind by step four. To do that, you'll want to take a clean rag and just blot the area. Remember with blotting you are basically gently patting the carpet, not rubbing it. The idea behind blotting is that it should help you remove the water without pushing the water further down and making the spot more wet.

Step #5: Vacuum The Area

Finally, you should vacuum the area. Vacuuming the area will help dry the carpet fibers that you cleaned and it will help pull up any dirt that became stuck during the cleaning process. It will also help fluff up the carpet fibers and ensure that they don't get pressed down and ground up in the cleaning process. 

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