How To Fix A Recurring Mold Problem

Mold is a recurring problem in many households. So how can you fight it? Here are five things you need to know about removing mold!

The Causes

First of all, you need to know where it actually comes from. Everyday activities, such as drying your freshly washed clothes can be a source of this recurring issue during winter months. The humid environment of your apartment in combination with cold weather outside are especially conducive to mold. This problem however should not be underestimated. Mold is not only an

visually unattractive but can become a cause of health problems such as allergies or various kinds of skin conditions.

The Most Budget-Friendly Way

The easiest and most budget-friendly way of eliminating mold is to simply air out your rooms on regular basis. Opening the windows when you wake up and come back from work for a couple of minutes could help you with this issue considerably. This is especially important in rooms where most of the humidity is produced, such as the kitchen or bathroom. Additionally, you can also move your furniture from the immediate vicinity of your walls to ensure better circulation in your rooms

Warm Up!

Increasing the temperature on the heater of your house or apartment might be a more expensive option, nevertheless, one that does not require much effort and expertise. Cold environments can cause water vapor to condense on the walls, which in turn results in mold. Therefore, warming up the cold walls of your apartment can be an easy solution.

Visit a Drug Store

Besides the immediately available options described above, you can always go shopping and buy special products and that can also help you fight this problem. Typically used chlorine-based products can be bought in any drugstore or bigger supermarket in your area. If you are allergic to chemicals, don't worry! There are actually many natural products on the market which are based on special enzymes and fungus cultures, which are more health- and eco-friendly. Some people even swear by apple cider vinegar.

Buy a Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier may be another easily available option. A compressor-based dehumidifier has proven efficient in preventing mold for many homeowners. Prices vary depending on the capacity. You can buy these at your local electronics store.

Consult a Specialist

If none of the above tips work for you, you should consult a water damage restoration or mold remediation specialist. Water damage restoration is needed if there are housing materials that have been penetrated by water. These materials are likely porous and may be holding water, and this is a perfect environment for mold growth. A mold remediation specialist, such as from Puroclean Certified Restoration Specialist, will then clean up any remaining mold and disinfect the affected areas. Mold can seriously harm your health, so don't hesitate to go pro.

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