How Pet Owners Can Make Carpet Cleaning More Effective

When you own a furry pet, whether it's a cat or a dog, your carpets tend to take a beating. Between all of the hair, dander, and paw prints, it's easy for your carpet to become compromised, and standard carpet cleaning services are not always quite enough. Luckily, there are some things that pet owners can do to make carpet cleaning more effective.

1. Have your carpets cleaned more often.

The first way you can make carpet cleaning more effective is to simply do it more often. This way, there will be less hair and debris to remove each time, so your cleaner can do a more thorough job. Most pet owners should clean their carpets every 6 months. If you have multiple hairy dogs, or there is a room where they spend a lot of their time, having the carpets done every three months is even better.

2. Vacuum first.

Whether you do the carpet cleaning yourself or hire a professional, make sure you vacuum the carpets before cleaning them. This will remove any hair from the surface, which will allow the cleaning equipment to better penetrate and reach the lower layers of the carpet. Use a vacuum with a good brush, which will separate the fibers and allow you to remove hair from them more fully.

3. Use a shampoo with added deodorizers.

Again, this applies whether you are cleaning the carpets yourself or you're hiring someone. Make sure the solutions used contain deodorizing compounds that help remove odorous particles. Baking soda is one such common additive. Don't just dump it in the shampooer yourself, as this may clog some carpet shampooers. Instead, look for a shampoo formula that already has it added. If you're working with a carpet cleaning company, simply request that they use a deodorizing formula.

4. Keep your pet off the damp carpet.

One of the biggest mistakes pet owners make when having their carpets cleaned is allowing the pets back on the carpet before it is fully dry. Damp carpet is basically a magnet for hair and dander. Your carpet should dry for at least two days before you allow any pets back on it. Even then, brush them first to minimize the amount of hair that is transferred.

With the tips above, you can keep your carpets much cleaner in spite of having pets. Reach out to a carpet cleaning service to learn more.

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