5 Emergencies That Need Water Damage Restoration Services

Water damage restoration services aren't just important if you've had an actual flood in your home or office. Depending on the speed of the response by these professionals, you will be able to stop water damage from spreading and save thousands of dollars. If you experience any of the following emergencies that cause water damage, call a water damage restoration service ASAP:

Burst Frozen Pipes

If you live in a place that experiences below-freezing temperatures, then frozen pipes are something you must be prepared for. If your pipes freeze, they can burst and send water throughout your home or apartment, causing extensive damage to your property. 

Water restoration services should be able to identify when your pipes have frozen before they burst. As long as you act quickly enough, frozen pipes don't necessarily have to mean disaster.

Sewage Backup Flooding 

If you have a backup flooding problem, your first step is to get out of your home right away. Don't turn on lights or use electrical equipment, which can shock you if there are exposed wires in the floodwaters. Don't go back inside if you see sewage backing up into your house! Instead, call in a water restoration service to save as many of your possessions as possible.

Burst Pipe Flooding

If your pipes have burst, you have a serious emergency. Water flooding can inundate your home with water quickly, especially when the main water line connection bursts. A more common cause of flooding is faucets you forget to shut off. 

The damage can be very extensive if you do this over a vacation. You need water damage restoration services to evacuate this water and do a proper restoration. 

Storm Flooding 

There is little you can do when a natural disaster strikes except mitigate the damage as quickly as possible. If you experience storm flooding, you should shut off all power sources in your home, including electricity and gas. Water damage restoration should be done as quickly as possible to prevent insidious damage like mold infestation. 

Sump Pump Failure 

When a sump pump fails, water can spill out of storage containers and seep into your home, which often causes extensive damage in the basement. If you suspect a problem with your sump pump, contact a water restoration service immediately to take care of any issues.

Water can be very damaging to the house structure, and also pose a health hazard to your family; you should fix this emergency promptly. Call water damage restoration services for more information.

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